Whether the client’s residence is a landmark or a new construction, Arianna Sabra begins her process by understanding the client’s personality–their family, their lifestyle, their tastes. She creates a concept that addresses not only the client’s current needs, but inspires them to think outside the box for a sleeker version of their surroundings.

From tiles to wall coverings, window treatments to landscaping, Sabra provides a service that not only drives the overall look of the interior but down to the details of toothbrush holders and bedding. Whether the client needs one room designed, or an entire house - Arianna welcomes all project sizes and is able to create fluidity and connectivity in the home.

Sabra’s end product weaves the practical with the progressive, infusing environmentally friendly products and creating a beautifully polished residence. “My aim is to educate my clients on how to translate who they are into their surroundings. That could mean reflecting moods, experiences or goals.” With her passion for design and conscious living, Sabra is able to introduce clients to various “green” approaches to their décor and construction. Whether it’s vintage furnishings, antique hardware, reclaimed woods or FSC certified building materials, the
limited styles to going “green” has long past. “I have found a way to weave the eco-friendly materials into a chic and intimate residence with a lot of personality.”


Sabra’s design is not locked to one style or era. “My style ranges from eclectic modern to deco,” says Sabra. “Combining textures and colors with ease, nothing is too fussy but still carries a sophistication. There is often an eclecticism of cultures and time periods, which create a unique style all its own.”

“My approach at interior design,” says Sabra, “is to reflect the lifestyle and personality of clients in a beautifully polished, stylized and functional environment.” More than a few of Sabra’s clients have been so taken by her work in their homes that they have asked her to extend her vision to other areas. She has revamped wardrobes, designed private events and even customized their cars.

Sabra was raised on the west side of Los Angeles. The laid-back lifestyle of her formative years has inspired her direction of functional design. “I like to create spaces that aren’t over decorated, but rather have an intimate and stylish feel,” she says.


Sabra’s career began over a decade ago, working her way through the art departments of television shows for Nickelodeon and MTV Networks, learning the application of color, design and style in functional spaces. Sabra moved from the back lots of Hollywood studios, to clothing design and product development for Gaiam International, an organic clothing and home accessories line.

Sabra began to take on event design for clients such as Nike and Sony. These one-night-only creations are large-scale endeavors, involving custom fabrication, turning multiple tents into restaurants, nightclubs, and live performance stages, with a tasteful use of the client logo or product within the design scape. Many of these installations were fabricated in southern California, for instance coming to life in Dodgers Stadium, as well as in remote locations in Hawaii or Jamaica, widening Sabra’s skill set to include the logistics of shipping, assembly and an entirely different level of practicality.

“I have been balancing fashion styling with interior design,” she says. ”It’s a natural transition of getting to know your client and creating a look for them that is the best version of themselves.”